Welcome to Fist Through Screen Gaming

Register now to gain access to our website, if you are a guest visiting our website by registering you will be able to post into our Visitors section to arrange matches and chat with us.

If you are a visitor looking to join our clan registering allows you to submit a Member Application. Feel free to jump on our TS3 Server: ts3.ftsgaming.net and talk to a Sergeant or higher to get yourself approved. 

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  • We require all members to be over the age of 18.

  • Did a current member refer you to the guild? Who was it?

  • Do you go by other Alias(s)? We would prefer if you kept these the same between the site, teamspeak and games.

  • Does it bother you that we are an adult community and chat/images may be explicit most the time?

  • Hold Ctrl + Click to select multiple values

  • Any games we have listed?

  • What is your preferred play-style? A good teamplayer? Or maybe you fancy yourself a good pointman or pilot in some games?

  • Do you have any creative talents you think could better the community that we should know about? Let us know a little about you personally so we can ensure you fit into the clan properly!