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    Raiders week three Ballers & Busters vs Dolphins: Part two BustersDerek CarrYou must understand how much is sucks not being able to give Derek Carr credit for what he does early in games due to his performance late. The first two drives saw Carr go 5 for 7 for 156 yards and a touchdown.The next possession ended on one play. Carr scanned the field http://www.oaklandraidersteamonline.com/frostee-rucker-jersey , tried to move around in the pocket, and bounced back inside before seeing Amari Cooper had gotten a step deep on his defender deep downfield. Coop had turned and didn’t see the pass thrown, and being that he was some 50 yards down the field, he didn’t think it was coming and peeled off. The moment he turned to give up on his route, Carr launched it. The only guy who knew the ball was coming was Xavien Howard who easily tracked it down and picked it off.The pass was simply too late. Carr threw it from his own thirty and for it to hit Coop in stride at that point, the ball would have had to have been caught well into the end zone, traveling more than 70 yards in the air. Even if Coop had not given up on his route, he would have had to slow up allowing the three trailing defensive backs to battle him for the ball. The pass should not have been thrown. As we know, the 4th quarter is where things have really gone awry for Carr and the Raiders offense. They had yet to score in the fourth quarter coming into this game. And that wouldn’t really change Sunday either.He came out for the first drive of the 4th quarter, nursing a 17-14 lead. He dropped back for his first pass attempt and looked over the middle for a moment, before rolling right and throwing incomplete to Jordy Nelson who was tightly covered. What Carr didn’t notice was Amari Cooper out in the left flat, standing at the line with not only no one covering him, but no one anywhere near him. Had Carr simply even glanced left, he would have seen Coop with enough open field for a sizable gain. But Carr never looked.The Raiders would eventually punt on that drive. A short punt gave the Dolphins near midfield and on one play they scored a 52-yard touchdown off a trick play on an end around pass from Albert Wilson to Jakeem Grant for the go-ahead touchdown.On the first play of Carr’s next series, he nearly threw another interception, but it was dropped. Thanks to some outstanding running from Marshawn Lynch and Doug Martin Authentic Rashaan Melvin Jersey , the Raiders were back in the red zone looking to either pull to within one or take back the lead. On first down at the 13-yard-line and Carr threw a jump ball for Martavis Bryant in the end zone and it was picked off by Xavian Howard. He said he liked the match-up. Xavian Howard is a great cornerback and had Martavis in tight coverage. There was nothing there to like. The Dolphins took over at their own 20-yard-line with under three minutes remaining. And on the second play, Albert Wilson went 74 yards for the dirt on the coffin.Some garbage time yards on the ensuing drive led to a garbage time field goal to break the Raiders’ fourth quarter scoring drought. But not really.Jon GrudenThere is simply no excuse for the final play of the Raiders’ second drive. They were in fourth and goal from the one yard line. They should have kicked the field goal to come away with points and go up 10-0. Since that wasn’t the call, the ball should have gotten into the hands of Marshawn Lynch. Instead, Gruden got cute. They lined up in the I formation and Carr handed it to fullback Keith Smith who was stuffed. Marshawn was sent right as if they might pitch it to him which would have been a better play. He would have had probably one guy to beat in the open field and you know if there’s one yard vs one guy, you aren’t keeping Beast Mode from getting in. He wasn’t given that chance.The bad play calling at the goal line would continue. Later in the quarter the Raiders in 2nd and goal at the 2-yard line. So, what do they do? Pass. Derek Carr went for Jared Cook and it fell short. Third and goal, what do they do? PASS AGAIN. This time a false start by Kolton Miller backed them up. In third and goal at the seven, they finally give it to Marshawn on a botched screen play for no gain. At least this time they got points as they settled for a short field goal.The defense made the stop on the Dolphins next possession with McDonald’s sack and the Raiders took a timeout to preserve :52 seconds on the clock. Then they field the punt at their own 10-yard-line and just choose to kneel out the clock. Getting pinned deep with :52 seconds and no timeouts is a tough spot to try to score from. But it’s not hopeless. It’s hard to believe they chose turn down the opportunity to have a shot at putting points in the board and just waste that time. You are only up by three points with noted trouble holding leads in the second half and you choose to take a knee twice instead of even attempting a couple of runs? I just don’t get it.The second half adjustments once again were all in favor of the opponent, so there’s not much that needs to be said about that that the 21-10 second half doesn’t say. Or the 20-7 second half in Denver. Or the 23-0 second half against the Rams. Tiresome.Marcus Gilchrist, Reggie NelsonIt’s a real wonder that Erik Harris continues to take a backseat to these two. And Karl Joseph for that matter. Gilchrist gave up the first completion of the game to Ryan Tannehill for 14 yards. The next play, Reggie Nelson gave up the second completion for six yards. It was play by others that managed to stop the drive and force a punt.Come the second quarter, the Dolphins set up in third and 9 with Gilchrist as the nickel facing Kenny Stills. He simply ran right by Gilchrist on a go route. Reggie Nelson was deep but was a spectator as Stills caught the long ball for a 34-yard touchdown.Late in the third quarter, after the Raiders had scored to take a 17-7 lead, the Dolphins promptly pulled right back in it. It started with a 15-yard pass in which Gilchrist collided with Rashaan Melvin to have both players down for a time shaken up and taken off the field. A few plays later, with Gilchrist sidelined, Nelson was among several Raiders players cleared out on an 18-yard TD off a sweep. Midway through the 4th quarter Cheap Kolton Miller Jersey , the Dolphins got tricky on a play that drew much of the Raiders defense to the left. Gilchrist was to the right and bit on the play, leaving the entire right side of the field empty for Jakeem Grant to get wide open. Gilchrist tried to recover and get back over there, but it was too late. He would get there around the 10-yard line and miss the tackle on Grant in the open field to complete the touchdown play and give the Dolphins the lead at 21-17.Amari CooperJust because that long bomb was a poor decision by Carr doesn’t relieve Coop of any responsibility. Had he not given up on the play entirely and turned away, he would have at very least been able to make a play on the ball. He was outnumbered, but he is the receiver in this scenario. It’s his skillset to win in those situations. Even a defended pass from him for an incompletion would have been a win in that scenario. Along with that play, Coop also had two drops, both on third down and both late in the game. One on the series after the Dolphins’ second touchdown and the other on the drive jut before the Dolphins’ third touchdown. He finished with 2 catches on five targets for 17 yards. A far cry from his 10 of 10 for 116 yards performance last week. Closer to his one catch for 9 yards in the opener. Number one receivers are not supposed to have disappearing acts like this.Kolton MillerAfter two admirable performances in the first two games, Miller was due. Robert Quinn helped him with that. Miller gave up a hit on Derek Carr for an incompletion on the first play of the game. The first play of the next possession, he was flagged for an illegal block. Their final drive of the first half, with the Raiders in third and goal at the two-yard-line, Miller was flagged for a false start, backing them up to the 7-yard-line and eliminating the short yardage situation. They would settle for a field goal.Twice in a row, Miller would get Marshawn hit at the line, one of which was stopped for one yard, the other Marshawn fought through for a few yards. Then on the Raiders last gasp drive in the fourth, Miller gave up a big hit on Carr just as he released the ball on a pass that was nearly intercepted. The rookie has had better days and will have more.Tahir WhiteheadI don’t recall a single positive play Whitehead had in this game. He gave up a 16-yard catch to the tight end late in the second quarter Seth Roberts Jersey , then a 6-yard catch in the open drive of the third quarter. Late in the third, he was among those who were blocked to clear a path on the 18-yard touchdown off the jet sweep. He was later among those blocked on the 74-yard touchdown off a shovel pass which sealed the win for the Dolphins.TJ ClemmingsClemmings came in for Donald Penn following Penn being lost to a concussion. Clemming’s third play was on third and 6 and he gave up a hard sack on Derek Carr for a loss of 8 yards. Later in the same drive, he gave up a run stuff at the line. On that final interception by Carr in the end zone, he threw the pass with Cameron Wake about to obliterate him after getting around Clemmings. Tough task for Clemmings to come in against Wake on short notice. But I’ve always said there is no ‘all things considered’ in this list. You can’t give up two big hits on your quarterback like that regardless of your situation.Johnny TownsendIn every game this season, Townsend has had a dud punt when the Raiders needed him to pin the opponent back. In the opener, he had a 35-yard punt that put the Rams at the 42 and set up the go-ahead touchdown. Last week it was a touchback for a 29-yard net and the Broncos drove for the game-winning field goal. This week it was a 25-yard shank that put the Dolphins near midfield to set up the go-ahead touchdown. He is now 24th in the league in punt average (43.5), 20th in net average (40.3), and 26th in punts inside the 20 (3).See the Ballers NEW YORK (AP) — The NFL will stage four games in London and one in Mexico City next season, with the Jaguars, Chargers, Rams, Raiders and Buccaneers serving as hosts.When the games will be played and who the opponents will be won't be announce until the spring, when the league schedule for 2019 is released.The Jaguars have a deal to play annually in London. The Chargers, Rams and Raiders are considered to be playing in temporary stadiums — the Los Angeles teams will move into a new facility being built in Inglewood that won't be ready next year — and the Raiders will be leaving Oakland for Las Vegas in 2020. Days after the Chiefs-Rams game scheduled for Azteca Stadium was moved to Los Angeles because of poor field conditions in November, the NFL announced it would be returning to play a regular-season game in Mexico City in 2019.This season had three games at Wembley Stadium in London — one of those was scheduled for Tottenham's new stadium, but was switched to Wembley because the Spurs' building was not ready. Previously Cheap P.J. Hall Jersey , the NFL announced that two of the 2019 London games would be at Wembley, the other two at TottenhamEarlier this year, the Seahawks beat the Raiders 27-3, the Chargers defeated the Titans 20-19, and the Eagles beat the Jaguars 24-18.The NFL has played regular-season games in London since 2007. It played one in Mexico City in 2005, then not again until 2016 and '17."Our league's global presence continues to grow and expand through the success of the NFL International Series and we look forward to showcasing the Buccaneers organization to an international audience," said Brian Ford, the team's chief operating officer.The Bucs agreed to participate in an international game as part of their bid to host the Super Bowl in 2021. They've played twice in London, losing to the Patriots in 2009 and Bears in 2011."I've been associated with games out of the country before," coach Dirk Koetter said, "and when you get to them, I think the players do enjoy that week. Trips are long, usually you're rewarded on the back end with your bye week. Once you're over there, it's football. It's new and it's different."
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    When the Denver Broncos entered their Week 9 matchup with the Houston Texans Authentic Von Miller Jersey , it looked like Vance Joseph needed a win to keep his job. The struggles of the franchise are well documented. There are more holes than many fans - myself included - might be willing to admit. The one hole we all seem to agree on is coaching. All of us, except John Elway.As Ian St. Clair and I discussed on the MHR Radio postgame podcast, Joseph is bulletproof. The loss to the Texans should be the nail in his proverbial coffin. As we discussed on the pregame show, some believe Joseph is already fired, it is more about timing than anything else. But what more does Joseph have to do?The issues that have plagued Joseph in his tenure were on full display against Houston. The first half of the game was competitive. The Texans turned it into the Demaryius Thomas show for a little bit, and scored first. Their 8 play drive included some big plays to Thomas, and eventually a touchdown pass from Deshaun Watson to Jordan Thomas.It took a couple drives to get on the board, but a solid 8 play drive led to a Brandon McManus field goal. Then Devontae Booker put the ball on the ground and Houston turned that into points. When Denver finally put together an 82 yard touchdown drive in the middle of the second quarter, it looked like maybe they found their groove.At 13-10, the Broncos were down, but they looked like the better team. That lasted for a much shorter period than it should have. This was Vance Joseph’s time to shine. After forcing the Texans to punt, the offense stalled out with 22 seconds left. There was a 62 yard field goal sitting there. It was a no brainer. Punt.Unfortunately, the only person who really needed to know the answer to that riddle got it wrong. Joseph trots out his kicker, and McManus missed it. When Houston took over they only needed to move 20 yards to get into a comfortable field goal. Joseph called time out as Ka’imi Fairbairn missed his first attempt. With his second chance he gave the game a 6 point swing, and Vance Jospeh handed the Texans a golden opportunity. Bill O’Brien loved it.The Defense stood up to the test in the second half. They surrendered just three more points, but it was more than enough. The Broncos could only manage one more touchdown. As the game wore down Authentic Matt Paradis Jersey , Denver found themselves in a position to tie the game one more time. Once again, Vance Joseph reared his ugly head.With time winding down, Case Keenum drove the Broncos into field goal range for a potential game winner. With 13 seconds left, the Broncos had a chance to move the ball a little closer for McManus. From shotgun, Keenum handed the ball to Philip Lindsay, who really hadn’t found much room to run. He ended up being tackled for a one yard loss.On third and six from 51 yards out, McManus pushed it, missed wide right, and Demaryius Thomas ran off the field with his new team as a winner. The Broncos are a team with several issues. From the top down, there are problems. However, the only guy that really seems to be impervious is Vance Joseph, the biggest reason they lost.The MHR Radio Podcast is now on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Acast, Stitcher http://www.broncoscheapauthenticstore.com/jared-veldheer-jersey-cheap , TuneIn and a few other podcast hosts. Please subscribe to the one that fits your fancy, and also rate and review what you hear.Broncos 3rd and long: an ugly win is still a win So Joe Woods had our defensive backs play way off of the Raider receivers on Sunday. Derek Carr took advantage of that and carved up the Frequent Flyer Zone to the tune of an NFL record 29 completions on 32 attempts (90.6%). The Raiders stuck to their game plan and, at least in the first half, they were able to dictate to our defense. They wanted to run the ball on first down to stay “on schedule”. They were able to do that, for the most part, gaining 49 yards on 15 first down carries (3.3 ypc). While that is not an astounding value on first down, it was enough to keep the Raider offense on schedule. They had runs of 9, 8, 6, 6, 6 and 5 yards on first down. Of course they also had six runs stopped for 1 yard or less with two of those being tackles for no gain on first down. For the game, the Raiders ran the ball 27 times for 92 yards (3.41 ypc). They were able to gain small chunks on second down to set up a whole host of 3rd and shorts (of course they also converted many second downs). For the season the Broncos have allowed 87 yards on 26 first down carries (3.34 ypc). That is currently good for 11th in the league. The Dolphins are leading the league allowing a paltry 1.94 ypc on first down runs. Performance on 3rd and Long So first let’s focus on the good news. The Raiders did not convert on a 3rd and long against us. That included the critical stop on 3rd and 8 to get the ball back at the end of the game for the winning drive. Overall the Raiders were held to 3 of 10 on 3rd down. They had no 3rd and medium plays. Their other six 3rd down situations were 3rd and short. One of those three conversions was the one yard run by Marshawn Lynch late in the 4th quarter (before we started calling our time outs). The other two conversions were both passes to Amari Cooper on 3rd and 2. Denver is currently 11th at stopping teams on 3rd and long. Cleveland has not allowed a conversion on 3rd and long this season. Overall Denver is leading the league at stopping the other team on 3rd down - allowing 22.7% conversion (5 of 22). Conversely, the Bengals are allowing conversion on 54.5% of the 3rd downs against them this year. Thoughts on next game The Broncos never play well in Baltimore. Hopefully we get the Raisins team that stunk up the place against the Bengals last game and not the team that steamrolled the Bills. The Broncos are 1-4 against the Raisins in Baltimore with that lone win coming in 2012 (which happened not long before that playoff game of which we will not speak).Joe Flacco is not Derek Carr, but most competent NFL QBs would carve up the soft coverage that our secondary was playing against the Raiders. On most Sundays, Joe Flacco is a competent NFL QB.
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    Scouting the enemy: New York Jets After a heartbreaking loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday Night Football Cheap Emmanuel Sanders Jersey , the Denver Broncos will look to rebound on the road this Sunday when they face off against the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.Though it’s only the fifth game of the year — it’s a must win for the Broncos. It sounds cliche, but it’s the truth. The franchise has a tough schedule ahead of the, especially when you consider upcoming games against the Los Angeles Rams and the aforementioned Chiefs, who are undoubtedly the cream of the crop in the National Football League. A win on the road against the Jets keeps their playoff hopes alive, but a loss on the road dropping them to 2-3 in a competitive AFC would be catastrophic to those aspirations.The Broncos lead the all-time series against the Jets 20-15-1 and have been victorious in four of the last five games dating back to 2008. The Jets began their season with a decisive 48-17 victory against the Detroit Lions in the first week of the season, but have since dropped three games in a row and are eager to get things moving in a positive direction at home hosting the Broncos. Let’s take a deeper look at the Jets, as well as a few keys to the game and my final prediction.A comprehensive look at the Jets’ defenseMost certainly, the strength of the Jets’ team this season has been their defense. Opposing quarterbacks are being held to a meager 79.7 QB rating gong up against them, a number good enough for sixth-best in the league. Their secondary and linebackers have shown a penchant for creating turnovers and have six interceptions to date, which is top-five among all defenses. On average, their secondary has allowed 247 yards passing per game which ranks thirteenth league-wide. However, cornerback Trumaine Johnson, a key member of their secondary, has officially been ruled out for Sunday’s contest. That should allow the Broncos to have a bit more success through the air than average against their defense.With Johnson out, primary corner duties will go to veterans Morris Claiborne and Buster Skrine who have had above-average campaigns for the Jets this season. Though the gem of the Jets’ defense is second-year safety Jamal Adams, who has produced in a big way to date with 31 tackles, 1 sack, 3 passes defended, 1 interception and a forced fumble. Without question, he is the big-time player in their secondary you will definitely want to keep an eye out for on Sunday.Anchoring down their defensive line is fourth-year veteran and former Pro-Bowler Leonard Williams, who is looking to rebound this year after a 2017 campaign which was lackluster compared to years past. That being said, his teammates in the trenches have done a phenomenal job opening things up for their inside linebackers. Avery Williamson and Darron Lee who have been notable playmakers for their defense and arguably two of the best defenders on the team.The Jets’ rushing defense is only allowing a meager 3.8 yards per carry which is seventh best in the league. However, teams are still attempting to establish the running game against them, as they are allowing roughly 108 yards per game and have given up 4 rushing touchdowns, which rank in the middle of the pack in comparison to other teams. Overall, the Jets’ defense is ranked thirteenth in points allowed and twelfth in yards allowed, but have also forced six fumbles, third best in the NFL. Those rankings aren’t too shabby considering their defense lacks a premier edge rusher.Jets’ Head Coach Todd Bowles is known for his aggressive defenses that have a penchant for blitzing and disguising their coverage schemes, which makes it no surprise they have racked up ten sacks and forced a lot of turnovers early on this year. Primarily a 3-4 defense that runs a lot of zone coverage http://www.broncoscheapauthenticstore.com/bradley-roby-jersey-cheap , Bowles hasn’t shied away from being flexible and changing up his formations due to the strengths of their opponents. They are a disciplined unit committing the third-least penalties in the league and for the most part have had great success stopping their opponents (especially on third down), outside of their game last week against the Jacksonville Jaguars where they surrendered over 500 yards of total offense.A comprehensive look at the Jets’ offenseSince the days of Ken O’Brien, the Jets have been in an endless search spanning nearly three decades to find a franchise quarterback. But the Jets aren’t alone in that respect, as that has seemingly been the case for every team outside New England in the AFC East since Tom Brady came along. After years of draft busts and journeymen players calling the shots under center, the Jets made a bold move to trading high up in the draft to select former University of Southern California signal caller Sam Darnold in this past draft to be their future for years to come.Like all rookie quarterbacks, ups and downs are going to happen and that has certainly been the case with Darnold. He has struggled in the past two games, especially in respect to his with his accuracy and has failed to reach the 200-yard mark in those contests. On the season he has 868 yards passing, but has completed a meager 57.5 percent of his attempts. He also has more interceptions (five) than touchdowns (four). Not only that, his offensive line has had some issues in pass protection, and he has been sacked ten times thus far.In order to help out their young gunslinger, the Jets have used a healthy dose of running back duo of Isaiah Crowell and Bilal Powellwho are the focal point of the Jets’ offense attack. The two have combined for 81 rushes, 336 yards and 4 touchdowns on the ground, with Powell also proving to be a threat out of the backfield as a receiver with 10 receptions for 105 yards and a touchdown.Wide receiver Quincy Enunwa has proven to be Darnold’s favorite target to date. He has been targeted 37 times, but has only caught 21 passes for 278 yards and a touchdown. The team’s second leading receiver is Terrell Pryor, who has been a vertical thread averaging nearly 20 yards per catch this season. Robby Anderson and Jermain Kearse are the Jets’ other two top receiving options, but have only combined for 14 catches, 165 yards and a touchdown.Offensively, the Jets are ranked twenty-first in points scored and twenty-ninth in yards. If the Broncos’ defense can shut down their rushing duo, that will force Darnold to make some serious plays to try and win the game — something he hasn’t been capable of doing to date. On the bright side, outside of the fourth quarter against the Chiefs the Broncos’ defense was playing great. I have a feeling they want shot at redemption this week against the Jets and will look to make the most going up against a struggling Darnold. Two Big Keys to the GameWinning the turnover battleIn four games this year, the Jets have turned the ball over eight times. Yet their defense has had a knack for big-plays and have forced ten turnovers. Unfortunately for Jets fans, being positive in the turnover battle hasn’t translated to wins. On the other hand, the Broncos have turned the ball over at least once in every game and six times on the year, but have only amassed three turnovers. All of which came in the first week against the Seattle Seahawks. The Broncos’ defense has a prime opportunity to take advantage of a rookie quarterback who is struggling. However, the Jets’ defense has same chance given Case Keenum’s enormous issues to date. If Denver wants to win on Sunday, they need to force a few turnovers and dial up subsequent scoring drives to capitalize off them. Most importantly, they can’t continue to shoot themselves in the foot by turning the ball over on offense.The Broncos can’t abandon the running gameThe Broncos underutilized their rushing attack against the Chiefs, which was a huge mistake and one of the primary reasons they lost on Monday Night Football. Although the Jets’ defense is much better at defending the run, that is certainly no reason for Denver to ignore what has been their greatest strength on offense this season. A healthy dose of Royce Freeman, who deserves more opportunities Youth Adam Gotsis Jersey , as well as Phillip Lindsay will be crucial in establishing an effective offense to win on the road.Hart’s PredictionSunday’s early afternoon affair will be a good test to see what type of team the Broncos will be this year. Will they rise to the occasion and get back in the win column after their Mile High Meltdown on Monday Night Football or will they continue to struggle on the east coast and drop to 2-3? A win would prove to be a significant boost to their momentum and their chances at making the playoffs this year, but a loss would be catastrophic toward those aspirations. With the pressure on them to perform, I believe the Broncos will make a statement on the road against the Jets and dial up the pressure on Sam Darnold and cause a few big turnovers that will be the deciding factor in the game.Broncos 30, Jets 17. Broncos fans are no strangers to the old emotional rollercoaster. From humiliating Super Bowl losses to dominant Super Bowl victories. From being the only franchise to have not one, but two, legendary quarterbacks walk off into the sunset on top of the football world all the way over to years of quarterback purgatory. Heck, the entire 2015 season was nearly heart attack-inducing, with the Broncos cruising to an NFL record 11 victories won by 7 points or less. But they don’t usually give us quite this much whiplash.A bit less than 8 days ago, the Broncos absolutely balled out. After a month of losses and mounting frustration for the team and fans alike, they claimed their first road win of the season by crushing the Arizona Cardinals in pretty much every phase of the game. Whether it signals the beginning of a turn-around or will just be a bright spot in a lost season, we can’t yet say. But, for one night at least, the good times were here again. It just feels good to be able to sit and enjoy being on the shiny side of a 45-10 beatdown occasionally.Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty ImagesWhile it would’ve been nice to sail smoothly through the following mini-bye, it just wasn’t in the cards it seems. In the midst of an otherwise very normal Halloween party, Chad Kelly engaged in a string of bad decisions that cost him his job, landed him in court, and saddled the Broncos and their players with an embarrassing and mostly misguided social media backlash. It’s the worst sort of press a team can get, and right before traveling to face the most dangerous team in the division in their own stadium is close to the worst timing possible for it.The sharp contrast between the high of one weekend and the low of the next is jarring, and it’s fair to wonder how the team will proceed. On the personnel level, we know that Kelly’s stunt got him kicked out of the Broncos organization & Isaiah McKenzie stepped in to fill the vacant roster spot. But what about the season at large? With probably our toughest away game coming up this weekend, I think the Broncos are approaching their make it or break it moment.If the Broncos lose to the Chiefs...Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty ImagesIf the Broncos lose, then the season almost certainly becomes what we’ve all worried it will be: another year lost in QB purgatory and the catalyst of a long-denied full rebuild of the team. It means the final demise of the 2015 Super Bowl core, the trade or eventual release of some of those players, and the transition of others into a new role as the foundation pieces the organization will seek to build a new, young core around. A loss Sunday would also probably signal the end of the Vance Joseph era in Denver. It might not result in firings then and there, but it would likely make such firings inevitable rather than just likely. There’s no reason to go into a rebuilding phase with a losing coach- and despite all his efforts, Vance Joseph has been exactly that.Will a loss mean the Broncos tank the season outright? Will the organization “Suck for the Duck” as some have put it? No. That’s not Broncos football. It wouldn’t of happened under Pat Bowlen, and it certainly won’t under John Elway. Regardless of what happens Sunday, there’re probably still some wins left in this team. How many wins and what impact will they have on our draft position is the question.But if the Broncos beat the Chiefs...Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty ImagesWell, this is where things would get interesting. Obviously http://www.broncoscheapauthenticstore.com/brandon-mcmanus-jersey-cheap , it’d be a very impressive win. It’d mean that the coaches have finally figured out the team’s identity and are coaching to those strengths- because there’s no way it happens if they don’t reach that point. And it would mean that the 2018 Broncos are dangerous.There are already some signs that that might be the case. The Broncos are the only team that’s been able to slow down the Chiefs’ offense so far, being the only opponent to hold them under 30 points and forcing Patrick Mahomes to pull off some 4th quarter heroics to scratch and claw his way to victory. The 27 points the Chiefs mustered in Week 4 were 12 points shy of the 39 points per game pace they’ve averaged against their other 6 opponents. Similarly, the Broncos brought the Rams juggernaut down to near-mortality. The 23 points Sean McVay’s crew scored against Denver are a full 10 points fewer than any other opponent has given up to LA this year and again 12 points lower than their average. What that means is that this is still a talented team: a team that, on a good day, can compete with literally any squad in the NFL and make them fight and claw and sweat their way to victory- if they can get it. It’s a flawed team, certainly, but there’s still potential here and a victory in Kansas City would build an impressive head of momentum. The Bottom LineThe outcome this weekend will, in my opinion, very likely determine the course of the rest of the Broncos’ season and the narrative that builds around the team in the second half of the 2018 campaign. If the Broncos lose, then a losing season, a high draft pick, and a rebuild are all likely in our future. But if the Broncos win, they’ll be back at .500 and very much alive in the conversation for a wildcard spot in the playoffs.While a win doesn’t seem likely, it is indeed possible. But whatever the result of the game is, expect it to be a watershed moment for the 2018 Broncos.Horse TracksWhich NFL team is REALLY the worst in 2018? Let’s decide. - SBNation.comThere’s a garden variety of teams competing for the title of the NFL’s worst.The New York Giants are tearing it all down. Here’s why that’s smart. - SBNation.comDave Gettelman is acknowledging reality and not trying to fix old mistakes. For a rebuild to work, though, he has to keep doing that.NFL trade deadline 2018: Rumor tracker - SBNation.comThe NFL trade deadline is Tuesday, Oct. 30. Many big names have already been dealt, but there are plenty who could still be available.NFL picks 2018, Week 8: Experts see easy wins for Bears and Steelers - SBNation.comCan’t miss picks for EVERY game this week.NFL Panic Index: What is wrong with the Eagles? - SBNation.comHow is this team 3-4? Also, the Bengals look broken, the Bills have a date with infamy, and the Ravens defense flopped.Brock Osweiler’s best play with the Dolphins is a silly deflected pass - SBNation.comWILD DEFLECTIONS THAT MAKE NO SENSE! HE DID IT AGAIN!Texans vs. Dolphins: Officials were so bad the Internet had questions - SBNation.comHours after the NFL fired an official for the first time in the middle of a season during the Super Bowl era, refs made their presence known on Thursday night.NFL fires ref who missed easy call in Browns game. That’s unprecedented - SBNation.comThe Cleveland Browns (sort of) got a referee fired.NFL picks against the spread: 3 best bets for Week 8 - SBNation.comRetired NFL lineman Geoff Schwartz is eyeing a Minnesota Miracle rematch and a couple other key games this week.Watson's career night propels Texans past Dolphins - NFL.comHouston had few problems Thursday evening, as the Texans (5-3) extended their lead in the AFC South and their five-game streak with a 42-23 win over the visiting Dolphins (4-4) to kick off Week 8.Chiefs' potent offense leaving opponents 'drained' - NFL.comWe knew the Kansas City Chiefs' offense was good. But are the Chiefs so dominant that they can affect games they're not even playing in?2018 NFL trade deadline: One move for each NFC team to make - NFL.comJeremy Bergman identifies one move for each NFC team to make ahead of the 2018 NFL trade deadline -- and the Broncos are featured four times among the possibilities.Lawsuit seeks to remove trustees who control Broncos - NFL.comWilliam Bowlen, the brother of Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen, filed a lawsuit in a Colorado District Court on Thursday to remove the three-person trust in control of the team.Von Miller of Denver Broncos -- Halloween party not at issue in Chad Kelly arrestBroncos linebacker Von Miller, the host of a party that then-backup quarterback Chad Kelly attended before his arrest, says it was a "private" and "safe" gathering.
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    Quarterbacks are lighting it up at a record-setting pace this season with 228 touchdown throws in the first month of the season.Case Keenum hasn't joined the party.The Denver Broncos' new quarterback has just three touchdown passes 鈥?none since the opener against Seattle 鈥?and his six interceptions are just one shy of the total he had last season in Minnesota.Keenum is the first Broncos QB since John Elway in 1986 to go three consecutive games with 20 throws and zero touchdowns."Is it a concern? Not really YouthEarl Thomas III Jersey ," coach Vance Joseph said Wednesday. "Our concern is winning football games. ... But Case is going to get better and better with time. We're figuring out who we are as an offense. It's a month into the season, I've been proud of how Case is playing."If Keenum throws a touchdown pass Sunday when the Broncos (2-2) visit the Jets (1-3), it'll be his first in 28 days."I don't care how we get into the end zone," Keenum said. "Obviously, I like throwing touchdowns. I like when those guys are running them in, too. We've got two great backs" in rookies Royce Freeman and Phillip Lindsay."They're doing a great job. But we've got a bunch of targets. Receivers, tight ends, they want to get into the end zone, too," Keenum said. "So, whatever it takes. I know the whole team is that way and whatever it takes to score more points than the other team, whether it's run or pass" is the goal. "But yeah, we'd love to get more passes going."Keenum would have had a fourth TD pass to go with his third fourth-quarter comeback for the Broncos had he connected with a wide-open Demaryius Thomas streaking down the sideline Monday night in the final seconds of Denver's 27-23 loss to the Chiefs in which they squandered a 10-point fourth-quarter lead.On third down from the Kansas City 28 with 22 seconds left, Keenum saw the cornerback jam Thomas, then release him to the safeties, both of whom were deep in the end zone.No linebacker to layer to throw over.No safeties to freeze with his eyes.No over-the-shoulder pinpoint pass needed.Just a basic delivery to his big receiver.Keenum stepped up and ... rifled it over Thomas' head .Keenum loved the play call by offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave, who's taken some heat for using three-receiver sets without a fullback or tight end on a three-and-out series sandwiched between Patrick Mahomes ' two TD drives that rallied the unbeaten Chiefs."It was a great play call by Bill, trying to take a shot at the end zone and they played two high safeties Womens Tyler Lockett Jersey ," Keenum said. "I threw it where I wanted to, just a little high. It was just a little bit off. And that's the game. It's a game of inches. Would I have liked to have that one back? Heck yeah. But I know we're going to make a lot more of those than we don't."So, I gave it my best shot and I can't lose anymore sleep over it," Keenum said. "We've got a lot more games to play. We've got a tough test this week. So, I've squashed it. I've learned from it. I've moved on."Being in all four games with a chance to pull out the win gives Keenum hope he can find his rhythm like he did in leading the Vikings to the NFC championship game last season."We haven't played our best football yet and we've had a chance to win every game," Keenum said. "... I'm excited where we're at. I'm even more excited where we're headed."MARSHALL's MOVEMENTThe Broncos and Brandon Marshall announced a $50,000 commitment to help launch the linebacker's FEEL (Feed and Educate to Empower Leaders) Movement in Denver.The initiative was announced 48 hours after Marshall and Thomas both stood with their teammates during "The Star-Spangled Banner" Monday night after staying inside during the national anthem for the first three games.Marshall, who followed the lead of his college teammate Colin Kaepernick in taking a knee during the national anthem in the past, said he and Thomas felt that they had made their point by continuing to draw attention to social injustice."The protest is just a symbol. The knee is just a symbol. It's not everything. The action, what we do in the community, that's everything," Marshall said. "I definitely think the knee was important to get everybody's attention, but more-so it's about what everyone's doing in the community." The Seattle Seahawks again got back to .500 on Sunday, strolling through a dominant four quarters and defeating the Oakland Raiders 27-3. As was often the case in 2012-2014, the Seahawks big lead led to reserve players seeing a fair amount of action, and so some player’s snap counts from Sunday should be taken with a pinch of salt. Take a look at the full snap counts below, and then we’ll get into specific players of interest: Rashaad Penny’s reemergence In last week’s loss to the L.A. Rams, Penny played just a single snap—on special teams. Despite Chris Carson playing great http://www.seahawksfootballauthentics.com/j.r.-sweezy-jersey-authentic , Penny’s lack of playing time was a reason for pessimism. With Seattle easing through Week 6’s win over the Raiders, Penny was afforded a chance to get back into the offense. On 20% of the offense’s snaps, Penny carried the ball nine times for 43 yards and added two catches for 27. As has been the case for the majority of 2018, whenever Penny has seen the field, he’s looked pretty good. It’s just a case of finding the balance between Carson and Penny. Barkevious Mingo as the Seahawks’ second linebacker, againIn Week 5, Seattle combated a Rams offense that will stretch a defense by using Mingo, not Austin Calitro, as Bobby Wagner’s running mate in sub packages. Mingo played 97% of the defense’s snaps, easily the high on the season for him.Against a much more traditional offense, that plan remained the same. Mingo played 93% of the defense’s snaps on Sunday, again remaining on the field when the Seahawks were in sub packages. Mingo has been quietly terrific for Seattle in 2018, and as much credit as Mychal Kendricks received for holding it down in K.J. Wright’s absence, Mingo has been just as important, if not more. For two seasons between Bruce Irvin’s departure and Mingo’s arrival, the Seahawks depended on a traditional linebacker at the SAM position. Mingo gives them the flexibility Irvin afforded them, and it’s been a great signing. Jacob Martin’s workloadA benefactor of Mingo’s playtime was his backup, Martin. With Mingo playing off the line of scrimmage for so much of the game http://www.seahawksfootballauthentics.com/k.j.-wright-jersey-authentic , Martin took on Mingo’s pass rushing snaps and played well. The rookie played 47% of the defense’s snaps and his speed was a serious issue for a depleted Oakland offensive line. Though Martin is still a raw pass rusher, his first step and burst off the edge are tremendous traits and make him a problem for slow-footed tackles. Wright should return in Week 8, giving Seattle more flexibility with Mingo, but Martin should continue to see snaps in a rotational role moving forward. Nazair Jones’ emergence For the first time in 2018, Nazair Jones was a part of the defensive line rotation. Jones played 43% of the defense’s snaps, more than Poona Ford, who had passed him in the rotation and was regularly playing over Jones.Though, like Penny, Jones’ playing time can be attributed to the nature of the game, it’s still encouraging to see the sophomore hasn’t been completely frozen out. Regardless of what has gone on behind the scenes or in practice that has led to Jones’ second-season regression, if the Seahawks can work him back into the fold and get him contributing like he did as a rookie, it would be a huge boost to their defensive line. Seattle’s now on their bye week, before returning on October 28 to take on the Detroit Lions at Ford Field. With plenty of time to get healthy, we should see some interesting snap counts in Week 8 as new (and returning) players get worked in.
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    Seattle Seahawks defensive end Frank Clark has deservedly won the NFC Defensive Player of the Week award following last Sunday’s terrific performance against the Oakland Raiders.Clark Youth Kam Chancellor Jersey , who is entering the final year of his rookie contract, racked up 2.5 sacks (plus another sack that was erased due to a holding penalty) and two forced fumbles on Derek Carr, which the Seahawks recovered on both occasions. Even more impressive is the fact that he only played 29 of the team’s 60 defensive snaps due to illness. Considering the departures of both Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril, the Seahawks defense needed Clark to step up and have the best season of his career Womens Germain Ifedi Jersey , and he’s well on course for a big payday (ideally from Seattle). Through six games he’s managed 5.5 sacks, three forced fumbles, and an interception against the Los Angeles Rams. Only J.J. Watt, T.J. Watt http://www.seahawksfootballauthentics.com/sebastian-janikowski-jersey-authentic , Danielle Hunter, and Geno Atkins have more sacks than #55.Essentially, the only thing that has stopped Frank Clark this year are turkey burgers. He’ll need to keep playing at a high-level after the bye week, as Matthew Stafford Womens Quinton Jefferson Jersey , Philip Rivers, Jared Goff (whom he forced a fumble on two weeks ago), and Aaron Rodgers are the next four quarterbacks the Seahawks defense will face. The Seahawks downgraded running back Chris Carson‘s practice list Thursday to limited, raising concern about his availability for Sunday’s game against the Chargers. Coach Pete Carroll http://www.seahawksfootballauthentics.com/chris-carson-jersey-authentic , though, expressed optimism that Carson will play.The Seahawks list Carson as questionable with a hip, though Carroll calls it a groin injury.“He’s just got a little groin thing he’s feeling,” Carroll said Womens Tre Flowers Jersey , via Curtis Crabtree of Sports Radio 950 KJR and PFT. “He got through the day; he practiced every day this week. We’ve just got to make sure on game day he’s OK. If not, we’ll go with the other guys and move forward. We’ll see.”Carson has gained 100 yards in three of the past four games and has 457 yards and two touchdowns on 103 carries this season.The Seahawks have guard Jordan Simmons (calf) and cornerback Neiko Thorpe (groin) as doubtful. Safety Bradley McDougald (knee) and linebacker K.J. Wright (knee) are questionable.Carroll said McDougald is “ready to go.”
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    Editor’s note: This piece was originally published on Nov. 7 Black Brandon Fusco Jersey , three days before the Jimmy Butler trade.T.J. McConnell, the Philadelphia 76ers’ cagey backup point guard, leans against his locker and scarfs down bites of his pre-game meal before taking on the Raptors on the second night of a back-to-back. In four years, he has gone from an undrafted project, to a starter, and back to a bit player. He has endured 10-win seasons and tasted playoff victories. And now, the second-longest tenured Sixer behind Joel Embiid (third before Robert Covington was traded to the Timberwolves) is trying to do away with the maxim that has defined his team for longer than he’s been in the league. “As much as there’s the ‘Trust The Process’ stuff, that’s kinda in our rearview,” McConnell tells SB Nation. “That’s kinda our motto, but we gotta focus on the things that help us win games. Anything else, we can’t let it be a distraction.” Everything you need to know about the Jimmy Butler dramaJimmy Butler wants out of Minnesota. This is how we got here.Winners and Losers from the 76ers-Wolves blockbusterJimmy Butler’s ‘vociferous’ return to Timberwolves practice, explainedThe 7 most savage moments from Jimmy Butler’s interview with Rachel NicholsThe Timberwolves let the Jimmy Butler mess happenJimmy Butler was ruining the Timberwolves’ season, and maybe their futureInside the state of the 76ers before the Jimmy Butler tradeThat’s been more difficult than expected. After four seasons of tanking, the Sixers were supposed to have been vindicated by last season’s 52-win outburst, powered by Ben Simmons’ Rookie of the Year campaign and Joel Embiid’s first healthy season. Flanked by sharpshooters J.J. Redick and Covington, plus Croatian wonder Dario Saric, the 76ers had one of the best starting lineups in the league.And then came the second round of the playoffs, when the Celtics punched a hole in their motley of athleticism, length, smarts, and shooting. Boston’s bruising, switch-happy wings formed a wall against Simmons’ penetration, daring the rangeless wonder to shoot while Al Horford made Embiid feel every bit of his youth. With No. 1 pick Markelle Fultz out due to a mysterious shoulder injury that added a hitch to his once perfect jumper, the 76ers were low on shot creation and fell in five games. They looked slow-footed, easy to exploit.So it is that Fultz, a crafty point guard who may or may not have unlimited potential, has replaced Redick in the starting lineup. They’re also revamping last year’s third-ranked defense. And by the way, Jimmy Butler is now here, coming from Minnesota in exchange for Saric, Covington, Jerryd Bayless, and a 2022 second-round pick. “What’s our sport look like in June?” asks head coach Brett Brown prior to the Raptors game. “What’s it look like in late May? How do you coach proactively?” If Philadelphia is letting perfect be the enemy of good, it’s not like they have much of a choice. You don’t brazenly tank for half a decade, spark a league-wide existential panic, and invite scorn from all corners of the sporting world just to be good. Sam Hinkie didn’t die for an era of second-round outs. Like it or not, the Process is still everywhere. But on this night, it’s hard to trust. The Raptors are running roughshod over the confused 76ers’ defense, finding open shooters all over the floor and using Kawhi Leonard’s isolation game to bust switches. He treats Simmons like a sock toy in the post, and on defense, the man nicknamed The Claw shrinks the floor, intercepting passes and cutting off driving lanes. Adjusting to a defensive scheme that asks him to call out switches, watch off-ball screens, and cover his own man, Embiid often finds himself with his back turned, opening up layup lines for Kyle Lowry. After the game, he is stewing with frustration and pride. “I’m the guy behind, so if I call something, my teammates gotta respect it and they gotta honor it,” Embiid tells SB Nation. “We have a lot of communication problems. That’s the key to a great defense.” “I gotta communicate better,” he adds later. “If our defense is not good, I feel like I’m not doing a great job so I gotta do a better job. I don’t ever allow someone to give up 129 points. That’s bad. I’m pissed about it.”After dropping back-to-back games against the Bucks and Pistons a few days prior, the coaching staff gathered the team together to remind them what they were capable of being. They echoed the signs that hang all over their practice facility: Philly hard, Philly real, Philly edge. The problem wasn’t talent, the message went. It was focus, toughness, repetition, and, above all, communication. Despite last season’s success, the Sixers are trying to meld old concepts with new ones. On defense, they want to switch forwards with forwards — “apples to apples” as Brown calls it — while asking Embiid to continue dropping back and stay close to the rim, where he can have the most impact. But with a 6’3 point guard in Fultz interchanging with a 6’10 point guard in Simmons, it’s not as simple as switching every pick set by a wing and playing guard-big pick-and-rolls traditionally. Some mismatches will require a quick switch back, some will force doubles Youth Vic Beasley Jr Jersey , and some they have to live with. They are hoping that by the post-season, the specifics will feel natural, leaving them ready for what — and who — awaits them in the NBA’s second season. Simmons, who increasingly finds himself off the ball after switching onto wings, has zoned in on improving his awareness of weak-side cutters. Fultz has been dogged about getting around screens. Every player has made it a point to talk more. They are in fact on the upswing defensively, allowing just 103.5 points per possession in the five games since the meeting, a mark that would rank in the top five if accomplished over the entire season.When Simmons, Fultz, and Embiid share the floor, that number drops to 95.5, despite the fact that opponents are rarely taking the ball out of the basket. Indeed, the Sixers haven’t managed to capitalize on the other end, where Fultz and Simmons struggle to extend their range and find enough space for their speed to put the hurt on opponents.“I think there’s a genuine desire from their part to wanna make it work,” Brown says a week later prior to a loss against the Nets. “Math wouldn’t say that. And when you look at them in isolation, they’re pretty impressive numbers. Markelle especially, as a point guard, his numbers for a rookie — effectively a rookie in my eyes — are very impressive.”Fultz is being fast-tracked, and despite his shooting struggles, he’s been pugnacious defensively and shone with the ball in his hands — that is, when Simmons hits the bench. But the 76ers need their most important players to be able to share the court, even now that Butler is one of the five.“I’m trying to have it all, where I can grow [Simmons and Fultz] together and play them together and then give the team the best chance and Markelle the best chance to play well and that is with the ball,” Brown says. “It’s a work in progress for sure.”More from Seerat SohiThe scripted chaos of Stephen CurryLeBron James knows that winning big will erase any early strugglesDanny Green is the key to making the Kawhi Leonard trade workAnthony Davis is leading a big man training revolutionOperation Keep Kawhi is already workingThe league has gotten faster and spacier than even the analytics-obsessed 76ers could have imagined. With a center that can shoot and point guards that can’t, the Sixers are somehow both archaic and modern. The contradictions could be smoothed out if Fultz or Simmons finds some range. If they don’t, the Sixers might have the tools to be the modern era’s great course-correction. There’s Simmons — a 6’10, point-guard playing athletic marvel with no jumper — running the break with eyes in the back of his head, encouraged to crash for offensive rebounds while the rest of the league rushes their guards back to protect against perimeter 3-point threats. “We feel that with his size and athleticism that we would be making mistake not encouraging him to go out there,” Brown says.Then there’s Embiid, a 7’ shot blocker who operates in the restricted area as a tabletop foosball goalie. He is hyper-mobile despite weighing 250 pounds, a matchup nightmare in a the small-ball era that can also, in his own words, kick 7’, 280-pound Andre Drummond’s ass. There are nights the Sixers make you believe. Fultz squeezes through picks, the forwards switch perfectly, and scorers funnel into Embiid’s imposing frame. Then, they’re off to the races, with Simmons and Fultz leading the break. These are the games when Brown sounds less like Don Quixote and more like a man really riding unicorns. You wonder: with their combination of patience, talent, and a steadfast bent towards analytics, could the 76ers find a formula that flips the NBA over on its head? And then Embiid gets triple-teamed without a release valve in sight. So it goes when you’re trying to push against the ocean and win games at the same time. Perched up against the concrete walls of the Scotiabank Arena, Brown is musing on the future of the league. “Our sport is incredibly influenced every year and more and more by analytics,” he says. “The volume of the threes and the pace of the game is at an all-time high, and I don’t see that trend being corrected for a while.”What, asks one reporter, would it take to tilt the balance?Without missing a beat, Brown’s eyes perk up. He cuts the reporter off at the end of his question and replies, as though the answer is as obvious as he hopes it is. “Joel Embiid.” What if I told you that there was a game that consisted of a single play, lasting all of 10 seconds? In summer 2018, I took it upon myself to speak to a bunch of people involved in this silly game — that day, they were Idaho athletic director Rob Spear, Florida associate AD Chip Howard, Florida special teams coordinator Coleman Hutzler, and Idaho special teams coach Jason Shumaker. I know, I know — just give me my Pulitzer now.It was Aug. 30, 2014, and in Gainesville — known as “Rainesville” to Alachua residents in the spring and summer months — the weather can be quite unpredictable. Both teams warmed up on the field as scheduled. The game was slated to kickoff 7 p.m. ET, but lightning in the area forced both sides off.“It was a sunny day. You know, like some light clouds around, and they’re like, ‘You have to get off the field ‘cause there’s lightning,’” said Shumaker. “It didn’t feel like lightning at all, [or] that there was any danger of any storm. And then we went into the locker room, and shortly thereafter — 30, 45 minutes later — it started pouring.”“It was kind of one those Florida days,” Hutzler said. “Afternoon http://www.authenticsatlantafalcons.com/cheap-matt-bryant-jersey , evening deals, where in the daytime it’s a beautiful day and then, you know, the thunderstorm, lightning-type deal rolls in kind of out of nowhere.”What was thought to be a 45-minute delay turned into three hours. Per NCAA rules, play can’t resume until 30 minutes after the last lightning strike, and SEC rules call for a suspension if lightning is within six miles of the stadium. A lot that goes into coordinating during a delay. “We have pretty precise protocols that we institute as soon as that happens,” Howard said. “So, all that stuff just kind of happens by plan. What doesn’t happen is, ‘OK, how long is it going to be?’ So while we’re watching the clock, I’m also getting texts that we got another lightning strike. Alright, so now it’s another 30 minutes, so couldn’t get out of the first delay for the longest time because we kept getting lightning strikes, and it’s automatically another 30.”“Our players hadn’t eaten for a long period of time, so we had to get ahold of Jimmy John’s,” Spear said. “And they were true to their advertising — they showed up on bikes and got us those sandwiches.”Florida benefitted from being able to use its own facilities. “Our strength staff, kind of putting guys through active warm-up,” Hutzler said. “Which, everything to old-school jumping jacks to getting in the locker room and getting them a stretch and those kind of things. That was the hard part of just, ‘OK, we’re getting ready to go,’ so you get them warmed up, you get them sweating again, and then boom, you’re back down to, ‘OK relax guys, we got another 30.”Florida players go through stretches in the locker room.Fans were asked to clear the stadium, but they could gain re-entry with their ticket stubs. Some students chose to ride out the storm:Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images“There were times when I went in to talk to Coach [Will] Muschamp, and said, ‘Coach, I think we’re going to be good. There’s cells around us, there’s lightning moving away, and I think we’re going to be able to go out and start warmups,” Howard said. “And then boom, those guys are getting fired up and they’re getting revved up. And then boom, another lightning strike, and you gotta walk in the room. “It got to the point where neither one of those coaches wanted to see me or [Florida home game manager] Bryan Flood. I mean, they would see us coming, and literally, physically, they would slump.”But finally, at 10 p.m., we had kickoff!“We were obviously all excited to go play in The Swamp,” Shumaker said. “It’s always a great environment, and it was the first game of the season, so guys are excited, and you know, we traveled a long way to get down there. So we kind of just thought, ‘Well, we had a long fall camp, and now we just have to wait a couple hours to play.’”That kickoff resulted in a 64-yard return from Florida’s Valdez Showers. As far as I can tell, that SEC Network camera angle is literally the only broadcast evidence of this entire game’s on-field action.“Our whole plan had been to make sure No. 10 didn’t get the ball,” Shumaker said. “And so instead, we kicked it low, line drive kick — it was supposed to be a sky pooch kick — and I think [Idaho kicker Austin] Rehkow might’ve had his only [bad] kick as a Vandal, kind of came off it was more of a line drive. So we got the worst of both worlds, we got No. 10 catching it on a sprinting start, and so then, they made a couple good blocks, and we really over-pursued. “When he turned the corner on Rehkow — he was a really good athlete and just couldn’t make the tackle — I thought the worst was about to happen. But then we somehow got the angle to him.”Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images“You anticipate that they’re going to kick opposite and try to keep [return man Andre Debose] Bo away, execute what we call a sky kick,” Hutzler said. “And so we needed to have our answer to that, and it was actually supposed to hit up the left side where they kick it up the left side numbers. And Valdez made a great cut, and cut back across. “You know still Black Deion Jones Jersey , to this day, I give Valdez crap for not scoring on it, getting caught from behind! We could’ve won that one-play game, 6-0.”Another lightning strike cleared the field again, and the game was suspended indefinitely around midnight. “The biggest factor after all that rain was our field was not good,” Howard said. “I’m walking the field with the referee, and the referee’s saying, ‘You know, this is not safe.’ You know our field drains great, but there’s only so much water you can put on the field. So at that point, that’s really when we started to talk about, you know, hey, we’re just going to need to pull the plug.”Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images“The last time, after that play, the fans kind of knew who we were,” Howard said. “And when the lightning strike hit after that play when we walked onto the field, the fans started booing. And I’m like, ‘That’s like a first, no one knows who we are.’ We’re discreet. No one knows the game management people! They literally started booing. “And then I remember Coach Muschamp, he’s just kind of like almost slumped down, I’m like, ‘I’m sorry man, I wanna play too.’”Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty ImagesAfter I’d sat in the press box all night, my job had been substantially less involved than I was expecting. On my way back to my apartment, I highly considered joining my friends who’d spent hours at the bars across the street from the stadium. The only thing that swayed me: the long lines weren’t budging whatsoever.Gators receiver Demarcus Robinson, who was suspended, got to come back the following week. Guess a one-play game counts for a one-game suspension!The Idaho game ended up being Florida’s most encouraging game in a long time.Rescheduling the game ended up impacting Florida’s 2018 schedule in a strange way.“We both had a bye week at the same time, but it just didn’t seem to work with everybody’s schedule, and given what Florida had going on within their conference season [for years, Florida’s taken off the week before playing Georgia],” Spear said. “So there was talk about postponing it, playing it again, playing it the next day, playing it at another venue, and then just canceling the game.”During Florida’s other bye week, Idaho had a game, and vice versa. “The Sunday scenario, we’ve kind of went around that block a couple times since then, as it relates to hurricanes,” Howard said, referring in part to 2016’s Florida-LSU game. “That’s really hard to do. It seems simple, but it’s very, very difficult to pull off. And so, getting everybody back up, getting that back together again, that was really not even an option. It was asked by Coach [Paul] Petrino, but not really Coach Muschamp, from what I remember.”Florida paid Idaho its guaranteed $975,000. “I will say that Florida, [AD] Jeremey [Foley], and Will, they were great,” Spear said. “They treated Idaho awesome, and how we ended up navigating through this unique circumstance, they were so above board in how they treated us.”Florida agreed to bring Idaho back to Gainesville in 2018, but the Vandals moving down to FCS made it a little tricky to make the game happen. “Here’s the kicker, though. We worked really hard for them to get back out here,” Howard said. “All of the sudden in 2017, Idaho decides to go down to the FCS. So now this game that we worked our butt off to get back here, we have to petition the NCAA [to let the game count toward bowl eligibility], because we have two FCS games on our schedule.”The Gators didn’t end up needing that petition, and the Vandals and Gators will kick off at noon on Saturday, Nov. 17. Hopefully they’ll run a second play after that.
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    The Jets offensive line took perhaps its most heat of the year in the team’s loss to Miami Cheap Brandon Copeland Jersey , as snapping issues from Spencer Long plagued the offense.Past the snapping debacle, how well did the Jets get it done in the blocking department? Let’s dive in!Previous editions: Pre 1, Pre 2, Pre 3, Pre 4, W1-DET, W2-MIA, W3-CLE, W4-JAX, W5-DEN, W6-IND, W7-MIN, W8-CHIAs I will always mention, it is impossible to capture everything with the stats, but with this series I hope to capture the most impactful plays accumulated by each linemen http://www.jetscheapshops.com/cheap-authentic-trumaine-johnson-jersey , both positive and negative, to help better our perspective on their production levels. Every single snap does matter, and here we will only be grading a small portion of those snaps, but this data can still help shape our opinions on players more properly and truly. Do not use these numbers as final judgement, but as useful evidence.Here’s what I’ve been tracking:Stuffs (runs for 2 yards or less and no first down) allowed in the run gameRushing first downs assisted“Setup runs” assisted (which I now define as a 5+ yard pickup on 1st-3rd down that did not result in a first down). Despite not resulting in a first down, these kinds of pickups are still positive plays that deserve to be tracked.Sacks allowedQB hits (knockdowns) allowedQB pressures allowed (pressure counts include all throws affected by pressure, forced rollouts/dodged defenders, forced throwaways, throwing directly over/around a deeply penetrating defender, footwork/mechanics forced to adjust due to pressure, etc.)Deflections allowed (occurrences when allowing the currently engaged defender to bat/deflect a pass at the line)Open field assists (blocking assists for significant extra yardage/first down by any player, OL or skill position, in the pass game while a pass receiver has the football)Pass blocking snaps (Pass blocking snaps now counted for all players rather than just the base five linemen. Team pass attempts + sacks)Penalties (Total accepted, yards, first downs/scores wiped out Cheap Spencer Long Jersey , and declined)Here are the numbers for the Jets in Week 9!Some takeaways:Long’s snapping obviously took the most attention. As I discussed in an article posted yesterday, Sam Darnold’s efficiency was significantly worse on throws off of bad shotgun snaps. Long had 15 of them (otherworldly terrible) in the game, 13 on passing plays. Darnold’s yards per attempt average dipped from 7.1 on clean snaps and throws from under center to 2.3 on bad shotgun snaps, while the rate at which he took sacks multiplied by 10 on bad shotgun snaps.Jonotthan Harrison did his job in relief, delivering clean snaps on each play and not allowing any pressure. It was a nice bounceback game from him after a poor spot start in Chicago.I tagged Brandon Shell for season highs of 7 pressures and a 16.3% pressure rate. Cameron Wake just seems to have his number. The last time Shell allowed a pressure rate that high, a 16.2% against Jacksonville back in Week 4, he bounced back for a sublime four-game stretch. Can he do that again?Kelvin Beachum actually did a great job keeping the Jets pass protection respectable for most of the game. 4 of his 5 pressures came on the final few Jets drives of the game.James Carpenter had a perfect game in pass protection, and has now allowed only 3 total pressures over the last three weeks.Brian Winters has plainly had a terrible season. I tagged him for 3 sacks allowed in this game, the most by an individual Jet in a game this season. The Jets can cut him without any dead money after this season. In spite of his homegrown status and the confidence they showed in him with the deal they signed him to, it’s starting to seem like a no-brainer to cut ties and start over at right guard - in addition to the other two interior spots.FILMWe’ve all had enough negativity around the world of the Jets lately, so I’ll keep things positive with a couple of good plays that stood out to me.Elijah McGuire was the best offensive player on the field for the Jets without question, collecting 5 first downs across 10 touches.One of the biggest question marks left by Bilal Powell’s injury is how the other backs would hold up in pass protection. Powell is a pass pro stud - Isaiah Crowell and Trenton Cannon are anything but.McGuire, who has often been compared to Powell, showed a big time flash in his one pass protection rep against the Dolphins. This is a superb stunt pickup from the second-year Ragin’ Cajun.Seriously, I wish the Jets interior offensive line could pick up stunts like that.McGuire led the Jets running backs in snaps in Week 9 http://www.jetscheapshops.com/cheap-authentic-morris-claiborne-jersey , and after performing as well as he did, he should be in line for a major role throughout the second half. If McGuire can continuously perform the way he did against the Dolphins in all three phases as a runner, receiver, and blocker, it will be a tremendous development for the future of this offense. He really is a Bilal Powell-lite; but can he eclipse the complimentary role Powell could never quite escape?Next, a look at another 2017 Mike Maccagan draft pick, Jordan Leggett. Leggett has been dead-silent as a receiver this year, but I think he has quietly been a very positive contributor in the run game. I’ve previously highlighted him making some impressive plays against players like Myles Garrett and Calais Campbell. Here, he puts Cameron Wake on the floor to help spring a 7-yard first down run for Isaiah Crowell. Chris Herndon and Brandon Shell also contribute with great blocks - I thought Shell looked good in the run game in spite of his protection struggles.Here are my numbers for the Jets on the season.NY Jets Spotlight: Leonard Williams Welcome to the Spotlight. Here we spotlight one key player for each game of the season, hopefully putting a different player in the spotlight each week. Today’s player in the spotlight is New York Jets defensive end Leonard Williams.Leonard Williams is a 24 year old, 6’ 5”, 300 pound defensive lineman out of USC. Williams was originally drafted by the Jets with the 6th overall selection in the first round of the 2015 NFL draft. With good quickness and agility, great explosiveness, and outstanding leverage and strength, Williams was widely considered at the time the best player in the 2015 draft.After a promising rookie year Williams really blossomed in his second season. He registered career highs of 68 tackles Cheap Jamal Adams Jersey , 7 sacks, 11 tackles for loss and 2 forced fumbles in a 2016 Pro Bowl campaign. It was an outstanding sophomore year. Unfortunately Williams has been unable to repeat that brilliance since. In 2017 his tackles declined to a career low of 47, and he registered just 2 sacks and 3 tackles for loss. 2018 has thus far been more of the same, with few impact plays. In 2018 Williams is on track for4 sacks and what would be a career low of 44 tackles; on the bright side he is on track for a career high of 16 tackles for loss.Recently Wiliams’ slide has seemed to intensify. Over his first 42 games Williams recorded 6 or more tackles 10 times; over his last 10 games he has done it just once. Over his first 42 games Wiliams recorded 11.5 sacks; in his last 10 games he has just 1.5. Over his first 42 games Williams averaged 4.0 tackles per game; in his last 10 games he’s averaging 2.2.Over his first 42 games Williams did not play a single game without registering a tackle; in his last 10 games Williams has been shut out 4 times. In short, Williams has gone from a Pro Bowl player to just another solid guy on the defensive line, a guy who rarely makes impact plays and increasingly rarely even makes tackles.If the Jets are to turn around their 2018 season, Leonard Williams is one of the key guys who will need to step up his play. Today’s game against the Denver Broncos presents a good time to begin the turnaround. The key to stopping the Broncos is simple: shut down the run and force quarterback Case Keenum to beat you through the air. The Broncos ground game is led by two outstanding rookies in Phillip Lindsay and Royce Freeman, and an offensive line that has done a nice job opening holes for them. No team has held the Broncos under 120 yards rushing this season. If the Jets are to have a a chance in this game, a big part of the puzzle will be the Jets defensive front limiting the Broncos ground game. As the Jets best player on that defensive front, it will be incumbent upon Leonard Williams to lead the defensive attack and shut down the talented Broncos running backs. Now would be a great time for Leonard Williams to break out of his slump and take over the game on the defensive side of the ball. Consistently blowing up his assignment in the run game would be huge; a sack or two when the Broncos pass would also help enormously. The Broncos can’t really hurt you much with their passing game under Case Keenum. They haven’t put up more than 230 yards passing, nor more than one passing touchdown, in each of their last three games. Shut down the run and you have a good chance to win. This would be a great game for Leonard Williams to set up shop in the Broncos backfield. If we see Williams and his defensive line cohorts shut down the run and put enough pressure on Keenum to disrupt the passing game then the Jets will have a good shot at winning at home against the Broncos. Williams could prove to be a pivotal player in this game if he gets his game on track. Leonard Williams, this is your time in the spotlight. Time to recapture the glory of your first two years and lead the Jets to a much needed victory at home.
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    Wednesday open thread: Are the Detroit Lions the worst team in the NFC North? As the division currently stands Womens Taylor Decker Jersey , the Detroit Lions sit at the bottom at 0-2. They aren’t all that far behind anyone else in the division, seeing as every other team has just one win thanks to an uncommon tie between the Vikings and Packers last week. And with the Bears notching their first win of the season on Monday night, that leaves Detroit facing a very real and unfortunate possibility: they may be the worst team in the NFC North.Today’s Question of the Day is:Are the Lions the worst team in the NFC North?My answer: I’d love to sit here and say with authority that they’re still a better team than the Bears, but I can’t do that. While Chicago’s offense still very much looks like a work in progress, their defense is for real. In fact, the Bears defense was pretty darn good last year, too. But being healthy and adding Khalil Mack to the gang has turned this into one of the best defenses in the league. That’s not hyperbole, they’re literally the best defense in the NFL according to Pro Football Focus;The Lions, meanwhile, are struggling at all three phases of the game. They took a step in the right direction last week http://www.thelionsfootballauthentic.com/glover-quin-jersey-authentic , but they’re still well behind everyone in the division. The good news is that just because they’re the worst team in the division right now doesn’t mean they will be by the season’s end. Teams change throughout the year. Some get better, some get worse. The Lions’ 2018 season isn’t over, but it does feel like it’s already on life support, and if they don’t show marked improvement quick, you’ll be able to cement their spot at the bottom of the division.Your turn.Football Outsiders Q&A Part 3: Can the Lions defense succeed without a consistent pass rush? It’s no secret that the potential Achilles heel of the Detroit Lions is their pass rush. Though one of their better players on the entire team, Ezekiel Ansah, thrives in that role, his reliability has been damaged by injury after injury. Outside of Ansah, the cupboard is bare. The Lions don’t have an interior player who can push the pocket inwards, and the Lions’ best edge rusher outside of Ansah is Devon Kennard http://www.thelionsfootballauthentic.com/sylvester-williams-jersey-authentic , who has 9.5 career sacks in four seasons. And just in case you thought the Lions’ pass rush may be getting overlooked, watch the tape of the two preseason games. You won’t find a single sack from the Lions defense. But is it possible for an NFL defense to thrive without being a quarterback-sacking machine? Is there precedent for an NFL defense being among the best without providing consistent pressure? Again, we went back to Football Outsiders’ Scott Kacsmar for some answers. If you missed our previous installments of our interview, check out the previous questions below:Question 1: Can Matt Patricia produce a top 10 defense right away?Question 2: What are realistic expectations for the Lions’ running game in 2018?Here is today’s question:3. Can the Lions defense succeed without a consistent pass rush? Are there examples of defenses that finished with an efficient DVOA despite a mediocre (or bad) pass rush?Kacsmar: Buffalo probably came the closest last season: 23rd in pressure rate, 15th in DVOA. It’s pretty hard to do, but the 2016 Ravens were sixth in DVOA despite ranking 25th in pressure rate. It would take a lot of great play in the secondary, including a large number of interceptions. This is the hardest era ever to accumulate high interception totals due to the abundance of quick, short throws. That’s why you really need the pass rush to get there quickly and just blow up drives with sacks, or at least timely pressures on third down that do enough to affect the quarterback’s throw.While that answer will do little to ease Lions fans concerns, I’m sure you perked up a little when Scott said Womens Jarrad Davis Jersey , “It would take a lot of great play in the secondary, including a large number of interceptions.”The Lions just so happen to have the 2017 league leader in interceptions in Darius Slay, and as a team, Detroit ranked fourth in picks last year. And as we’ve seen this offseason, Matt Patricia has added a lot of talent to the secondary, headlined by versatile cornerback DeShawn Shead and third-round draft pick Tracy Walker. But can this secondary carry the defense? That’s a conversation for tomorrow, when we ask Kacsmar for his thoughts on the Lions’ defensive backs. For more content from Football Outsiders, check out their store, which includes their always fabulous Almanac.
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    Jets 2018 Roster Countdown: Number 37 J.J. Wilcox Our Jets roster countdown now moves to J.J. WilcoxName: J.J. WilcoxNumber: 37Year with Jets: 1stProjected Role: Third safetyHis 2017: Wilcox signed with Tampa Bay as a free agent but was traded to the Steelers in early September. In a reserve role for Pittsburgh Youth Brandon Copeland Jersey , he registered 12 tackles and 1 interception. The Steelers released him in the spring, and he signed with the Jets in June after the injury to Rontez Miles was revealed.2018 will be a success if: Wilcox fills Miles’ role in subpackages effectively in the early season as he recovers from his knee injury. The fact the Jets signed Wilcox so soon after Miles injury was reported suggests the Jets expect him to take that role. Wilcox did not play much special teams for the Steelers so that means the Jets view him as a safety for subpackages.Odds of making the roster: Wilcox has put together a pretty strong camp and preseason to date so I would expect him to be on the roster. He is Probable (75-99%). Week 6 of the NFL season has the New York Jets coming off a big win over the Denver Broncos. After a three game losing streak the Jets righted the ship last week and started to climb back towards the .500 mark and contention in the AFC East. Today the Jets get their second straight home game http://www.jetsauthorizedshops.com/authentic-jason-myers-jersey , against the Indianapolis Colts, in a rematch of the Jets only championship in Super Bowl III.The Colts come into the game struggling Brandon Shell Jersey , losers of three straight and four out of five on the season. Andrew Luck returned this year after missing the entire 2017 season with an arm injury, and his arm does not look the same. The Colts offense has become a dink and dunk short passing game Authentic Eric Tomlinson Jersey , and the Colts have been unable to run the ball, making the Colts offense much less threatening than in years past. The Colts defense has given up 34 ormore points in three of five contests and has been one of the worst defenses in the NFL against the pass. The Colts come into the game seriously compromised by injury Youth Robby Anderson Jersey , with 10 players on injured reserve and another four out for this game. In short, this game shapes up as one of the best opportunities for a Jets win this season. We’ll see if the Jets can capitalize on the opportunity.It’s the Jets and the Colts going at it at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford Cheap Neal Sterling Jersey , New Jersey. Leave your comments in the section cleverly marked “comments” below. Enjoy the game everybody.
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