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Syncing your Teamspeak to the website

A Simple Guide on how to Sync your Teamspeak Client to the website

Why would I want to do this?

Simply because it means your Website and Teamspeak ranks are synced, this means if you were to ever reformat your machine or sign into another device all you need to do is add your Teamspeak UUID and your ranks should be automatically added. It also makes administration a million times easier as we do not need to maintain two sets of ranks on the site and Teamspeak.



Open Teamspeak and press Ctrl + I, a popup box will open you may need to click show advanced to see the "Unique ID" field but copy the contents.




In the top right of the website you will see a menu item called "Teamspeak Sync" click on that to open the Teamspeak Sync page. On that page you will see a button called "Add UUID".


Click the "+ Add UUID" field and enter your ID that you copied earlier. Press "OK" and you should be done your ranks should be automatically applied when you log into our Teamspeak server. If not an Admin might have to manually sync you but give it a few minutes first as high server load might be causing a slight delay.

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