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Carolina Panthers COO Tina Becker resigns In a move that clearly must have been planned Womens Ian Thomas Jersey , Carolina Panthers Chief Operating Officer Tine Becker resigned from her position today following the finalization of the sale of the team to new owner David Tepper.It would probably be safe to assume that Becker was notified by Tepper that he had a new person in mind for the position she currently occupies, and that 5d79394af0d6c30f457053617c43e2a5.jpg she would be looking for another job once he finished with the sale. Since you don’t really take a step back into a smaller role once you are COO, Becker will find employment elsewhere.I expect this will be just the beginning of personnel changes within the organization Youth Kawann Short Jersey , especially in the front office. Tepper has certainly amassed a list of capable individuals in his time, and will want those people that he is familiar with helping to run the show. For now, I would expect football operations to remain in place at least for this season. Everyone in the organization should essentially expect they are on one year prove it deals at this point http://www.panthersfootballauthentic.com/mario-addison-jersey-authentic , as Tepper will probably be quick to replace anyone he sees as not carrying their weight.Panthers 2018 season opener countdown: 39 days to go With 39 days left that brings us to rookie running back Reggie Bonnafon from Louisville.Reggie Bonnafon, Running backBioHeight: 6’ 0”Age: 22Weight: 215 lbsCollege: LouisvilleHere’s a snippet of Bonnafon’s college career:I’m not a big fan of position changes and tall running backs, of which Bonnafon is both. So it’s my humble opinion this kid is has a mountain to climb to make the final 53. I think his main opportunity is to land on the practice squad and stick around enough to get some film out there and build an opportunity down the road. That’s not say they kid is without skilz...Louisville called him ‘The Ultimate Weapon’.If the Panthers can find a spot for him on the roster he brings a lot of different skills. He can run Womens Donte Jackson Jersey , pass and catch the ball with proficiency. In the highlight reel above you see him play out of the slot a good bit and show good body control in catching balls along the sideline. At running back he takes the read option hand off between the tackles as the B back and shows nice vision with the ball in his hands. He has enough speed to get to the edge and also times his cuts well. So Bonnafon does a lot of things well but the questions is does he fill the role the Panthers must envision for him? He has a little over a month to make his case.

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