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  1. Hello All, Due to popular demand and keeping up with the times (And seeing that many members have taken it upon themselves to create many separate Discords!) We have finally decided to ditch Teamspeak and create and Official FTS Discord server, the widget to join can be found on the homepage of the website to the right hand side. The Roles in Discord are synced with the website to get your ranks simply logout of the FTS Website and sign back in but choose the "Sign in with Discord" option, this will link your Discord account and you will be good to go, as quickly as that! It would be great to get everyone off the splintered Discord servers and back into the Official one! Pass the word around! https://discord.gg/S6g9rCy Note. The FTS Teamspeak will not be going anywhere for those who decide they would like to use it! Regards, Dez
  2. Can you ever have too many grenades? The answer is clearly no, you can never have enough.
  3. LanCraft

    Version 1.0.0

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    Used to connect to Warcraft 3 Servers
  4. Warcraft 3 - Frozen Throne

    Version 1.0.0


    Torrented Version of Frozen Throne.
  5. MadAlaskan's new sword

    I call it the.. PICKSWORD!
  6. A Simple Guide on how to Sync your Teamspeak Client to the website Why would I want to do this? Simply because it means your Website and Teamspeak ranks are synced, this means if you were to ever reformat your machine or sign into another device all you need to do is add your Teamspeak UUID and your ranks should be automatically added. It also makes administration a million times easier as we do not need to maintain two sets of ranks on the site and Teamspeak. First Open Teamspeak and press Ctrl + I, a popup box will open you may need to click show advanced to see the "Unique ID" field but copy the contents. Secondly In the top right of the website you will see a menu item called "Teamspeak Sync" click on that to open the Teamspeak Sync page. On that page you will see a button called "Add UUID". Click the "+ Add UUID" field and enter your ID that you copied earlier. Press "OK" and you should be done your ranks should be automatically applied when you log into our Teamspeak server. If not an Admin might have to manually sync you but give it a few minutes first as high server load might be causing a slight delay.
  7. Welcome into 2017! Enjin was getting old and failing, our roster has over 1200 members and was in a serious need of a good prune. I have managed to get us a new website that is by far faster, easier to use, better looking and a lot more functional! This does mean you need to make a new account, I am sorry there is going to be a bit of hassle getting everyone onto it but the good news is this site is capable of syncing our Teamspeak server ranks, bans and send out mass messages etc to make administration a million times easier... also if you are a PC reformatting queen (CodeOverflow) you can just put your new TS UID in and have your ranks automatically added to you! But anyway, we have the Vegas trip coming up for all that do not know! Hopefully as many members as possible will be able to attend! Let's have a great new year, get some new members into the Guild and play some awesome new games that will be debuting this year! Happy New Year! Dez